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Her name is "Princess", she's a fairy kitty and she wants you to have a good day today!

Last spring I was going through a rough time, I was feeling discouraged, scared and fragile. One day I sketched up a happy, cute little character who I called "Princess Fairy Kitty." I imagined her as a friendly little fairy that lived in my pocket and said kind things when I was feeling down. I put together some little animations and a game prototype, and gave her some comforting and hopeful phrases. I put the prototype aside but I kept the app on my phone to cheer me up.

This week I decided to share what I have, as-is, in the hopes that I can make someone smile!


Current Features

  • Tap the heart to get a random uplifting phrase
  • Stroke her head to make her go to sleep

Planned Features

  • Specific phrase-banks for different feelings (Examples: Sad, Drained, Scared, Happy, etc.)
  • Add your own phrases (for her to tell you later)
  • Additional outfits DLC
  • Release on Mobile: iOS and Android

Would you like to contribute a message for Princess to share with the world? Just enter it in this form: http://goo.gl/forms/c0bjGjFrNfOgFFrt2


Art, Animation, Programming, Some Quotes
Serena Samborski

Planning, Quotes
Kai Hutchence

Published Jun 14, 2016
StatusIn development
AuthorSerena Samborski
Tagscats, Cute, fairy, kitty, Virtual Pet


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this seems awesome i have depression and im downloading this to help me thanks 

I love this. Cute and happy and positive. Things we could all use a little more of in our life.

Feature request: volume adjust. The keystroke chirps are a bit too loud for me, and I haven't been able to make my (admittedly broken) audio setup find a balance between everything.


I'll put volume control in the settings screen when I get it in there. Thanks for the feedback!